About Us

Connected is now part of Thoughtworks

We partner with our clients to build better products; products that delight customers and drive business impact.

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We are delighted to announce that Connected is now part of Thoughtworks. Together with Connected, Thoughtworks will advance its capabilities in solving business problems through product-led design processes, from defining the strategy to discovery and delivery. To know more about the acquisition, click here.

Founded in 2014, Connected was established with the aim to help ambitious companies build impactful software-powered products. Today, Connected (now Thoughtworks Canada) has over 250 employees based primarily in Toronto, Canada and covering a broad spectrum of technologies across the entire software product development lifecycle. Our team of engineers, human-centered designers and product strategists have applied its product-thinking approach to discover and create product experiences at over 50 global organizations where they have quickly built a reputation as a go-to-leader in “0 to 1” new product development services, including discovery, delivery and education and enablement.

Our Approach

Product Thinking is our unified approach to product development, an innovation and execution approach that combines the technical excellence of agile delivery, the focus of human-centered design, and the rigor of management consulting to enable cross-disciplinary teams to build the right things right.

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Our Purpose

To create an extraordinary impact on the world through our culture and technology excellence.

Our Principles

Our principles not only guide how we work and who we hire but also who we work with. Meshing seamlessly with our client partners is critical to long-term product impact, so it’s important to share a set of fundamentals as we navigate the complex, nuanced craft of product development. A true Product Thinker embraces, celebrates, and champions our principles with like-minded people to achieve long-term product impact.

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Impact is the result of a million small decisions made wisely. We prize informed and considered judgment before all else.

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Progress only happens when we listen carefully and speak conscientiously. Intelligence without kindness leads nowhere.

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Knowing someone’s there to catch the ball makes you more willing to throw it. Reliability makes work go faster, smoother, and smarter.

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Knowledge transfer is the name of the game. Teaching and learning ensure that you, the team, and the product are continuously getting better.

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Knowledge transfer is the name of the game. Teaching and learning ensure that you, the team, and the product are continuously getting better.

Our Services



Discovery serves to derisk, validate, and accelerate new product development. By viewing customer jobs, pains, and gains through the lens of product, we are able to identify opportunities in both new and existing categories, before testing concepts through prototyping.



Delivery allows us to partner with our clients to build and release high-quality products to market, as well as optimize and scale existing products. Because software products are never finished.


Education & Enablement

Education & Enablement is designed to embed product DNA into our clients’ organizations, educate them on Product Thinking best practices, and empower the creation of their own long-term systems of success through workshops, product clinics, and training sessions.

We Build with the Best

Our People

Tammy Chiasson

Managing Director, Canada

Providing strategy, vision, and leadership across the entire organization including Product Development, Growth, and Client Experience, Tammy leverages her 15+ years of accomplished brand and client strategy for world-class organizations to help Thoughtworks’ vision reach ambitious product builders.

Jonathan Savage

Head of Product and Design, and Service Line integration, Canada

Jonathan is a digital leader with 20+ years of experience leading product, engineering and design teams while combining product development and business strategy to deliver extraordinary business impact.

Lydia Powell

Head of Business Operations, Canada

As Thoughtwork Canada’s Head of Business Operations, Lydia brings over 15 years of extensive experience managing global brands and teams to provide strategic operational direction and leadership.

Joel Zien

Head of Revenue, Canada

As Head of Revenue, Canada, he’ll continue to exercise bias for action, advocating for his clients and leveraging product, people and processes to provide the best solutions, solving the problem at hand and positioning our partners for future success.

Emily Chan

Head of Marketing, Canada

With expertise in go-to-market strategy, account-based-market, account management and operations, Emily is excited to lead her team to design and deliver new and exciting marketing programs that establish Thoughtworks as a preferred partner and employer of choice.

Kevin Bralten

Head of Engineering, Canada

For 15+ years, Kevin has been combining his passion for technology and his innate ability to lead teams to build products that make a tangible business impact. And the way to do that is to build the right technology solution, the right way, right from the start.

Justine Lachapelle

Head of People, Canada

For more than 13 years, Justine’s career has taken her across industries and across the globe, but no matter where she is, people are always at the heart of what she is doing.

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