How We Work

Our Approach to Product Development

At Thoughtworks, we employ the unified Product-Thinking approach. Through our cross-disciplinary teams, dedication to continuous discovery, customizable engagement planning tool, and focus on the product, we have consistently built delightful product experiences that drive growth.

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We assemble best-in-class, cross-disciplinary product teams

Every Thoughtworks team is designed to be cross-disciplinary and collaborative. Engineers, Designers, Researchers, and Product Strategists work together as equal partners throughout the process. These teams not only bring valuable, craft-specific insights to every product decision, their cross-disciplinary expertise drives a unified approach to product development making us a true end-to-end product development partner.

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We’re dedicated to continuous discovery on every engagement

Our discovery service covers initial product explorations for new products or the evolution of existing products, but discovery doesn’t stop there. Even in the delivery phase, our teams will test and validate using the four product risk areas – desirability, usability, viability, and feasibility – incorporating up-to-date customer, market, and technical insights. Our aim is simple: to ensure that we’re not just building right, but that we’re building the right thing.

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We design meaningful engagements using the Product Thinking Playbook

Every engagement is different, which is why we created the Product Thinking playbook as a guiding framework for navigating complexity and replicating impact. As our core system of success, the playbook serves as a powerful training and enablement tool, embedding best practices into clients’ product development process and elevating their efforts long after the initial engagement is over.

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We accelerate product discovery and delivery

Our mission to build better products includes building them at pace and scale. By focussing on the product and its customer, we are able to increase the speed that a concept becomes a prototype, and a prototype becomes a launch-ready product. With a market opportunity identified, our approach ensures that clients don’t lag behind their competitors or miss the mark entirely.