Mass resignations, democratized content creation, scalable education…

Corey Wu

Corey Wu

Senior Product Strategist

June 2, 2022

As we navigate changes in the market, the way power is held and used has shifted.

This has created new opportunities for change and innovation.

The ways in which organizations are impacted by market shifts are numerous. Corporations are forced to respond to market signals including mass resignations, democratized content creation, and scalable education. As a result, companies need to evolve to stay relevant and resilient in the market by keeping a pulse on users’ needs and the broader changing landscape.

Corey Wu, our Sr. Product Strategist, shares more in his first video for Connected (now part of Thoughtworks) including questions we should think about as we navigate and imagine the future.

Video caption: There are many factors influencing the changes we see in the market today. While trends such as decentralization of technology and access to specialized knowledge already existed, the speed of their impact has accelerated. Additionally, organizations across industries faced tough situations such as mass resignations, causing innovation in recruitment practices among other practices as well. Hence going forward, corporations will have to monitor trends closely and utilize emerging technologies to stay competitive in the revolutionizing market.

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