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Chris Russo

Chris Russo

Content Marketing Manager

May 9, 2023

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The PC Optimum app is a must-have for Canadian shoppers who want to save money and earn rewards on their purchases – and in this day and age, who couldn’t use a little of that? With personalized offers, digital coupons, and easy-to-use features, it’s no wonder this product is a fan favourite among Thoughtworkers – especially those who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And Chris Russo, our Content Marketing Manager, checks both boxes, so we caught up with him and asked him to share his thoughts on PC Optimum in this edition of Product I Love. 

What’s so great the PC Optimum loyalty app?

As a parent of two young boys, I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and as an avid home cook, the grocery store is often where I find myself. However, when I’m there, it’s always nice to save some money, especially on the things I buy regularly. I appreciate not having to actively search for deals on what my family likes, instead, the app keeps track of what I purchase and tailors my offers accordingly. 

Without exaggeration, my savings on baby formula alone has been in the thousands. 

It’s also great because it’s not limited to just one store; rather, there’s a whole ecosystem. So instead of just having a grocery store points program, I have the opportunity to earn and use points towards anything from patio furniture to children’s clothing. 

What are some of your favourite features?

The personalized offers and not having to adjust my buying habits is a big one for me, especially as with a growing family, those buying habits are constantly changing. Fortunately, the app adjusts accordingly to my purchase history, and the savings are always close behind after one of the boys has outgrown a size (or taste). 

I mentioned earlier about looking for an excuse to get out of the house; however, in truth, sometimes that is just not a possibility. But thanks to the in-app shopping feature, I can have whatever I need delivered right to my door, saving myself from an endless sea of takeout containers. 

Also, they have fantastic bonus offers that allow you to earn many rewards points very quickly. And coupled with the first point, this is pretty easy with how well they tailor their offers. 

To anyone who likes to cook or has children, I’m always quick to recommend it; however, if I’m honest, most people I know already have and frequently utilize it. One thing I do appreciate is that I was able to combine my account with my girlfriend’s, which nicely consolidates the offers and rewards.

How could the PC Optimum app be improved?

While the PC Optimum app has many great features, there are a few areas that I feel could use some improvement. Stability is one, and while this could just be me, it always seems that when the app does give me problems like freezing or crashing, it’s usually when I’m waiting in line and about to pay. 

And while I appreciate all the great offers sent to my phone, sometimes I forget to load the offers, which results in them not being applicable to any of my purchases. I feel they could have gone another step with personalization and if they are going to tailor them some acutely then the least they could have them automatically applied to my purchase. It feels like jumping through an unnecessary hoop. 

The search feature could be more intuitive. I’ve found myself going to the store on more than one occasion at times when I’d much rather order the product, but I was unable to find it for delivery on the app but knew exactly where it was in store. 

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Chris Russo

Chris Russo

Content Marketing Manager

With growth as the outcome and a healthy blend of creativity and strategy as tools, Chris is a driving force behind amplifying our practitioners’ voices and thought leadership.

From copy to creative direction (and a few things in between) for over a decade, his work could be found in award-winning ad campaigns, digital products with hundreds of thousands of users, and, most importantly, the bulletin board in his mom’s kitchen.

With an impressive breadth of industry experience across tech, automotive, telecom, CPG, cannabis, digital product, and more, this IBM-educated Design Thinker takes a user-centric approach to everything he does, from creation to collaboration.

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